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Comfort and Security with Flex-on Safe-on Stirrups

Comfort and Security with Flex-on Safe-on Stirrups

By Ib Ravn-Aagaard | Published on 18th November 2022

The Flex-on Safe-on stirrups combine comfort, performance and safety.
They provide technical performance in terms of shock absorption and ergonomics.

The single-branch spring steel frame design will increase the comfort of riders. Notwithstanding, its releasable arm will reduce the risk of injury by setting the foot free in the event of a fall.

Please note that the rider must be over 40 kg to enable the trigger of the mechanism. The arm can then be reset manually.

A selection of colours is available for each component from which you can choose to create your own personalised stirrups:

  • Frames: 11 different colours
  • Footbeds: 3 different colours
  • Shock absorbers: 17 different colours
  • Arms: 17 different colours
  • Magnet stickers: 150 designs

The footrest comes in 2 different shapes: inclined or flat and for which you can select 2 different treads: Grip or Ultra-Grip.

Flex-on Safe-on Stirrups Features:

Safe-on stirrup weight: 1kg

Frame: spring steel, single-branch which creates extra comfort.

  • Hot-forged and treated to prevent oxidation and increase strength and longevity.
  • Over moulded with an environmentally-sourced polyamide material.

Safety :

  • Outer branches open
  • Releases the foot when the rider’s weight acts against it.
  • Minimum weight of 40 Kg is required to trigger the release.

Interchangeable kits:

  • Footbed inserts: standard grip or ultra-grip
  • Coloured arms
  • Magnetic stickers

Footbed inclined, flat or endurance

Stirrup leather: Offset and skewed slot to encourage optimum leg position, thus improving the posture of the rider.

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