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Veredus BioCare - Green Hoof

Veredus BioCare - Green Hoof

by Veredus

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The Veredus BioCare Green Hoof is a Hoof Ointment with Thyme-Oil, Vitamin F and Biotin.

It is a special mixture of natural unsaturated fats based on lanolin enriched with vitamin F and thyme-oil, now in the new formula with biotin.

BIOTIN (Vitamin H): has keratin forming properties which stimulates abundant growth in the horn.

VITAMIN F: the nutritional action of this vitamin quickens the process of hoof renewal.

THYME-OIL: provides a protective screen against the settling of pollutant agents in the frog.

LANOLIN: an extract of wool grease featuring extraordinary softening power.

Available in two sizes: 1000ml and 5000ml

Active Ingredients: Lanoline - Natural fats - Vit F – Biotin - Thyme oil.

Due to international shipping regulations - bottles with liquids over 1000ml (1L) cannot be shipped outside UK.

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