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Charles Owen SP8+ Leather Look Sparkly Riding Helmet - Childrens sizes
Charles Owen SP8+ Leather Look SparkleyCharles Owen SP8+ Leather Look SparkleyCharles Owen SP8+ Leather Look SparkleyCharles Owen SP8+ Leather Look SparkleyCharles Owen SP8+ Leather Look SparkleyCharles Owen SP8+ Leather Look Sparkley

Charles Owen SP8+ Leather Look Sparkly Riding Helmet - Childrens sizes

by Charles Owen

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Charles Owen - SP8+ Leather Look Sparkly - ASTM F1163-15 SEI Riding-Helmet - Childrens sizes

The SP8 Plus helmet provides sun protection with a specially designed brim to shade the entire face and upper neck.

The deep, wide brim provides an exceptionally flattering look along with its incredible coverage. The SP8 Plus is a more effective wide brim helmet as it dips down at the sides rather than looking like a polo helmet.

A low profile helmet featuring all the best technology of the Ayr8® Plus as well as the specially designed wider and deeper peak, the SP8 Plus shades the whole face and upper neck.

Front and rear ventilation slots combined with the ‘Free Fit’ system (a system that pairs the frontal air channel and Coolmax® mesh to increase cooling and evaporation of perspiration).

The GRpx® technology harness takes the superb fit to the next level. The helmet’s side panels are covered in microfibre suede or leather look in black or navy. Thermoregulation paint for the centre panel is available in silver, along with traditional black or navy.

Childrens sizes & no VAT applicable

• Effective sun protection

• ‘Free fit’ ventilation system

• Microfibre suede side panels

• Soft GRpx® technology harness

• Washable removable headband

• Meets multiple safety standards

• Choice of colours for centre and side panels

• FSC sustainably sourced and recycled packaging

• Made in the UK

For sizes 56cm and bigger - please see adult helmets.

Replacement headbands:

Refresh your helmet by replacing its removable liner headband.

Many Charles Owen helmet models feature a fully removable headband, which are machine washable (30ºC) and replaceable.

The helmet liner is designed to fit each helmet size increase and is attached using premium hook and loop closure to ensure that no pressure points exist to cause the rider discomfort.

Important: Replacing your headband does not extend the protection offered by your helmet. It's essential that you replace your riding helmet after five years.

The liners allow for very specific sizing. The liners can be purchased in multiple sizes to allow room for a rider to grow or to put their hair up inside the helmet. For instance, if you usually wear a 57cm helmet, you can purchase a 58cm liner to allow extra room to put your hair inside the helmet.

Charles Owen do offer the option of 2 sizes in the 55cm liner, (55cm Small & 55cm Medium) this is used for riders that are in between sizes of a Small and Medium shell. This means that if you are a 56cm, and there is too much 'play' in the fit, and it moves, you can use a 55cm MEDIUM liner rather than going down to a 55cm small shell, and 55cm small shell liner.

Otherwise, the headband can be changed within the same shell size.

Shell Sizes:

Small: 52-55cm

Medium: 56-58cm

Large: 59-61cm

• ASTM F1163-15 SEI

• VG1 01.040 2014-12 Kitemarked

• Pas 015 2011 Kitemarked