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Veredus Guarnieri - Adult Sizes

Veredus Guarnieri - Adult Sizes

by Veredus

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The Veredus Guarnieri Riding Boot is only available in black.

To see smaller sizes - please click - Here

"VEREDUS" Riding Boot: Tradition meets the future.

The Veredus boot is the cutting-edge technological and stylistic answer to the needs of a sport such as riding, which is much tied to tradition but also constantly developing.

Horse shows and riding in general demand increasingly higher performance levels from both the horse and the rider, and therefore this team needs suitable tools to achieve them.

This new boot features:






Boot calf adjustment using the "BOA System" which allows the diameter of the boot to be varied, adapting it to the various calf sizes: This solution almost completely satisfies the variables, from the thinnest to the thickest calves.

The adjustment system also allows the rider to choose the required degree of adherence of the boot to the calf according to the activity doing (walking, training, jumping or competition).

Boa allows the zip to be fastened without tension, thus increasing its life.

In normal boots the calf sizes are fixed and the boots may therefore be unusable in case of calf increases or decreases,

• Swelling due to several physical reasons

• Summer winter different socks/breeches thickness

• Loan/sell the boot to an other person with different calf

The Click and Go system gives the athlete a sensation of “switching on” the boot, which becomes ready for the competition. Boa has already been successfully used in snowboard boots, golf shoes and rubber riding shoes (easy boot).

The possibility of opening the Boa after competition means that Guarnieri can be worn all day with maximum comfort like normal comfortable shoes.

In the normal riding boots athletes after competing are forced to open partially the zip which goes stretched with subsequent breaking risk.

On the inner part of the boot, in the area in contact with the saddle, there is an insert in a special rubber compound with elastic-mechanical characteristics (mainly used in climbing footwear) offering exceptional grip of the boot on the saddle and considerably increases the stability and correct the position of the rider.

Leather eventually becomes smooth and slippery due to wear, whereas XT GRIP maintains its gripping power of a long time,

Increases stability and your correct position in the saddle.

Comfort Zone

The comfort zone has a stretch zone for satisfying the foot's morphological variables., ensuring an exceptional comfortable fit. It favours a correct fit especially in feet with a large instep, helps feet "breathe", it's waterproof and easy care.

Spur Support

On the back of the boot there is a "spur holder" element. This element is a support specifically designed to hold the spur in a precise and stable way.

There are two vertical housings, in order to be able to choose the preferred position.

The spur has a precise and stable position.

The support protects the zip from the pressure of the spur.

TCS Sole Technology

The perfect anatomical shape of the sole together with the special polyurethane compound ensures an extremely comfortable fit.

The anti-twist system reduces the stress transmitted to the foot during work-outs, reducing the feeling of fatigue and stress.

Stylistically innovative and featuring a design developed to optimize the grip of the boot in the most common stirrups available on the market.

The particular reverse pyramide design guarantees perfect stability of the boots in the stirrup.

The metal stiffener inserted in the sole ensures maximum comfort and stability, reduces foot fatigue and improves athletic performance.

The energy-return GEL pad is inserted in the insole and absorbs impacts, effectively preventing foot problems.

The toe protection protects feet from squashing.