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Veredus - Carbon Gel VelcroTendon Boot

Veredus - Carbon Gel VelcroTendon Boot

by Veredus

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The Veredus Carbon Gel Velcro Tendon Boot is an absolutely innovative tendon boot characterized by a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's limb.

A carbon support inserted in the shell and a gel pad provide the maximum protection at the flexor tendon and fetlock, areas at particular risk of injury and bruising. A quick closure, adjustable with elastic straps, makes the “CARBON-GEL” tendon boot extremely practical to put on and remove.

• Anatomically-shaped shell

The shape of the upper and lower shell provides greater freedom of movement at the knee and fetlock. Its anatomical shape guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's limb.

• Double density

The shell consists of two distinct parts with different density and rigidity: The main shell, in 54-SHORE TPU, a flexible and extremely strong polyurethane mixture, provides excellent protection against abrasion, deterioration and the multiple stresses caused by the activities of sport horses. The 54-SHORE TPU maintains its elasto-mechanical properties from –15 °C to +50 °C without variations of rigidity and flexibility. In the back of the tendon boot, corresponding to the flexor tendon, extra protection is provided by an “X” made of 66-SHORE TPU, a more rigid, protective polyurethane mixture containing the carbon section. The two parts are combined during injection in the mold.

• Carbon and Gel protection for the flexor tendon

The special rear carbon “X” (extremely strong, protective, light and shock-absorbing) is internally covered with a 3-mm film of gel with exceptional protective, shock-absorption and comfort features. The carbon represents an impenetrable barrier against any type of dangerous objects, providing absolute protection for the suspensory tendon, a part particularly exposed to being hit by the shoes of the rear limbs. The shock-absorbing properties of the polyurethane gel reduce the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%.

• Carbon protection for the fetlock

Insertion of a thin carbon plate inside corresponding to the fetlock (a part subject to continuous micro-traumas and shocks).

• Interchangeable Velcro straps

Fastening with interchangeable Velcro straps. Many professional riders find that this type of “active” closure stimulates the horse to lift its front legs higher when jumping.

• Certified Protection

Protection tested and certified by RCT Rico TEST.