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Cavalor® - Respiratory System & Airways


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All Cavalor® Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

Respiratory System & Airways - Frequently asked questions

Respiratory System & Airways - Frequently asked questions

Does Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid provide immediate relief?

Yes , Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid provides immediate relief.

Is it normal to see mucus in the horses’ nostrils after using Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid ?

Yes, mucus excretion is an indicator of the effectiveness of Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid.

Should Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid be administered directly into the mouth ?

When using a syringe, Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid can be administered directly via the mouth.

What is the difference between Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid and Cavalor® Bronchix Pure?

Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid opens the upper airway tract to improve breathing, especially in case of coughing due to irritation. Cavalor® Bronchix Pure combines the benefits of the other two products to support the horse’s immunity.

What is the effect of Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid ?

Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid opens the upper respiratory tract in order to improve breathing, especially in cases of coughing due to irritation.

When should I use Cavalor® Bronchix Pure ?

Cavalor® Bronchix Pure works on 2 different levels to provide relief. 1) Targets the upper respiratory tract. 2)Targets the lower respiratory tract (lungs). Cavalor® Bronchix Pure improves overall immunity.

Will Cavalor® Bronchix Pure help horses with dust allergies?

Yes, Cavalor® Bronchix Pure will help provide relief in dry and dusty environments.

Can I administer Cavalor® Bronchix Pure to a horse with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)?

Yes, you can, but it will depend on the severity of the condition.

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