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Cavalor® - Nervousness & Behavior

All Cavalor® Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

Cavalor - Calm - 800g tub

Cavalor® - Calm - 800g tub

43.20 / US$53.14
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor - SoZen - 400g tub

Cavalor® - SoZen - 400g tub

59.20 / US$72.82
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor - SoZen - 1500g tub

Cavalor® - SoZen - 1500g tub

155.20 / US$190.90
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor - Take it Easy - 5 tubes

Cavalor® - Take it Easy - 5 tubes

88.00 / US$108.24
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor - Take it Easy - 50 tubes

Cavalor® - Take it Easy - 50 tubes

885.00 / US$1,088.55
(Ex VAT)

Nervousness & Behavior - Frequently asked questions

Nervousness & Behavior - Frequently asked questions
Why can’t I give Cavalor® Calm continuously to my horse?

When Cavalor® Calm is used during a prolonged period, the horse may get habituated to the active ingredients in Cavalor® Calm.

This may result in a reduced efficacy. In order to prevent a high degree of habituation we recommend a monthly 10-day non - administration period.

Can I combine Cavalor® Calm and Cavalor® Pianissimo?

Cavalor® Pianissimo is a complete feed specially formulated for easily excitable horses. This feed can be given on a daily basis.

If the effect doesn’t suit for your horse needs, you can use a Cavalor® calming supplement. For example Cavalor® Calm, Cavalor® Take It Easy or Cavalor® SoZen, depending on the type of stress observed.

What is the difference between Cavalor® Calm, Cavalor® SoZen and Cavalor® Take It Easy?

Cavalor® Calm is developed for the ‘spooky’ horse. These horses tend to be more easily scared.

Studies in the field demonstrated that Cavalor® Calm also has a positive result on the behaviour of nervous stallions. Cavalor® Calm can be given for a prolonged period, we advice a 10 days non - supplementing period once a month. Cavalor® SoZen is developed for horses with high stress levels.

Cavalor® SoZen works on the Adrenaline (Alert- ness) and Cortisol (regulates Adrenaline) relation.

Cavalor® Take It Easy gives your horse a relatively high dose of Tryptophane for quick results. Cavalor® Take It Easy is a paste, given with a syringe on the day of the stressful situation.

Do I always have to combine Cavalor® SoZen with Cavalor® Take It Easy?

No, combining Cavalor® SoZen with Take It Easy is not compulsory.

However, experiences in the field suggest that the combination of the two supplements result in an optimal effect.

This because both products work differently.

Why is it better to use Cavalor® Take it easy during competitions?

Cavalor® Take It Easy is 7 times more concentrated than Cavalor® Calm.

It is especially designed to give an immediate calming effect just before a stressful situation (competition, transport).

Is it safe to feed Cavalor® Pianissimo daily in combination with Cavalor® SoZen & Cavalor® Take It Easy for a stress related issue for 2-4 days?

These products can be safely used together.

The effective dose / combination of de products may vary somewhat between horses because individual horses may respond differently to calming products.


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