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Cavalor® - Joints & Tendons


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All Cavalor® Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

Joints & Tendons - Frequently asked questions

Joints & Tendons - Frequently asked questions

When should I use Cavalor® Arti Base? When should I use Cavalor® Arti Matrix?

Cavalor® Arti Matrix is a concentrated formula especially designed to meet the increased nutritional need of horses with joint inflammation and horses which endure high intensive exercises like competition horses. Cavalor® Arti Matrix is usually given during selected periods of time (4 to 8 weeks) when horses have a high risk of joint inflammation.

In general, Cavalor® Arti Base is used between dose intervals of Cavalor® Arti Matrix to provide the nutritional support needed to maintain joint health. Cavalor® Arti Base and Cavalor® Arti Matrix can safely be given to horses with joint issues.

What distinguishes Cavalor® Arti Matrix from other joint supplements?

Cavalor® Arti Matrix works on 2 different levels.

Cavalor® Arti Matrix contains important ingredients such as : glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM and HA.

Can I administer Cavalor® Arti Matrix for a long period of time?

Cavalor® Arti Matrix can be safely administered for a prolonged period.

High level competition horses use Cavalor® Arti Matrix continuously without side effects. In general Cavalor® Arti Matrix is given for a select period of time sometimes followed by Cavalor® Arti Base to ensure a maintenance level of nutritional support for the joints.

Does Cavalor® Arti Matrix contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?

Cavalor® Arti Matrix contains Hyaluronic Acid as part of the ingredient matrix. Cavalor® Arti Matrix also provides overall health benefits for horses. The combination of nutrients and herbs in the correct proportion has been shown to induce an anti-inflammatory effect even at low dose levels.

Should I use Cavalor® Arti Matrix prior to competition ?

It is recommended to administer Cavalor® Arti Matrix for at least 8 weeks. Cavalor® FreeBute or Cavalor® FreeBute Pro may be used in combination with Cavalor® Arti Matrix when increased joint inflammation is expected.

Can I use Cavalor® Arti matrix in combination with Adequan treatments?

Yes, it is safe to combine Adequan treatment with Cavalor® Arti Matrix.

The nutritional support of Cavalor® Arti Matrix may help extend the required intervals between injections.

When will I notice the irst effects of the supplementation with Cavalor® Arti Matrix?

In some horses, results may show within 4-5 days. However, for best results, we recommend administering Cavalor® Arti Matrix for 8 weeks as some of the ingredients need to be supplemented for a longer period of time in order to optimize and extend their effect.

Why would I also use an oral joint supplement if I’m already injecting my horse regularly with glycosaminoglycans?

Injections have a very high concentration of active ingredients, but the effects last for a short period of time. An oral product provides a lower concentration of active ingredients going into the bloodstream for a much longer period. Oral glycosaminoglycans help reduce the frequency of joint injections and therefore reduce the risks associated with injections.

When should I use Cavalor® Arti Base ?

Cavalor® Arti Base helps maintain strong bones and keeps joints flexible in horses during growth and senior phases. Cavalor® Arti Base can be used when inflammation is not present as it provides important nutrients. Cavalor® Arti Base also helps maintain joint and bone health in senior horses. Cavalor® Arti Base can be administered for a minimum of two months between Cavalor® Arti Matrix intervals to help maintain joint support.

Should I provide extra Hyaluronic Acid (HA) if my horse is using Cavalor® Arti Base?

It is not necessary to provide HA. In cases where the horse is suffering from joint pain, we recommend Cavalor® Arti Matrix as this formula is more concentrated than Cavalor® Arti Base. Cavalor® Arti Matrix is especially designed to meet the nutritional needs of active sport horses during periods of highly intensive exercise and/or horses with acute or chronic joint inflammation.

Can I administer Cavalor® Arti Base to a foal with swollen joints as a result of growing pains?

Cavalor® Arti Base can be safely used as a supplement for foals and young horses who appear to have swollen legs. Cavalor® ProGrow may be used when there are indications that the overall growth of a healthy horse should be supported with additional nutrients.

Does Cavalor® FreeBute Pro contain Devil’s Claw ?

Cavalor® FreeBute Pro does not contain Devil’s Claw or any other prohibited substances. Like all Cavalor® products, Cavalor® FreeBute Pro is FEI and Jockey Club safe.

How should I use Cavalor® FreeBute (Pro)?

Cavalor® FreeBute Pro may be used 1-2 days before and during competition (1/2-1 full tube per day) to provide relief for your horse.

Cavalor® FreeBute Pro may be safely used in combination with other Cavalor® products when additional relief is needed (in combination with Cavalor® Arti Matrix or Cavalor® Muscle Fit).

My horse refuses to eat Cavalor® FreeBute (Pro) tablets. What can I do?

Cavalor® FreeBute (tablets) can be easily crushed with your hands (very soft). It is not necessary to use a pill crusher. The powder can be mixed with water. Also try Cavalor® FreeBute Pro, an easy-to-administer paste.

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