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All Cavalor® Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

Horse Care Products - Frequently asked questions

Horse Care Products - Frequently asked questions

Is Cavalor® Muscooler only used to cool down muscles?

No, besides cooling down muscles, Cavalor® Muscooler can also help cool tendons and ligaments. It is also great for the horse’s legs and back.

Will Cavalor® Muscooler tighten a tendon?

Yes, it helps cool down the tendons which reduce inflammation.

Can I use Cavalor® Muscooler to massage my horse ?

Cavalor® Muscooler is great for massaging your horse specially its back area.

Should I use Cavalor® Cooling Wash with warm or cold water ?

Cavalor® Cooling Wash should be used with cold water to help the cool down process.

Is Cavalor® Cooling Wash a disinfectant ?

Cavalor® Cooling Wash is not a disinfectant, but it has some properties in common with disinfectants.

Can Cavalor® Cooling Wash replace a regular shampoo?

Yes, although Cavalor® Cooling Wash will not foam very much, it will clean the skin while cooling down and relaxing your horse’s body.

What are some of the effects I can expect form Cavalor® Cooling Wash?

Cavalor® Cooling Wash has a cooling effect on the horse’s legs and body after work. It will also stimulate a quick drying.

Does Cavalor® Ice Clay work well on swollen legs?

The natural clay in Cavalor® Ice Clay may help reduce swelling of the legs. It also contains an exclusive herbal component that allows for the cooling affect to last longer.

Can I bandage the horse’s legs once they have already been packed with Cavalor® Ice Clay?

Yes, but apply a layer of plastic or paper before bandaging.

Is it safe to use Cavalor® Ice Clay for minor scratches and wounds?

Yes, Cavalor® Ice Clay can be applied safely under these conditions.

Can I combine Cavalor® Ice Clay with Cavalor® Muscooler ?

Both of these products are intended for cooling and relaxing horse’s legs. There are no additional benefits when using these products together. We recommend choosing one of these product depending on the horses’ needs.

How do I get the best results for a shiny and voluminous tail?

First, wash the tail with Cavalor® Equi Wash then, spray Cavalor® Star Shine on the horse’s tail. You can apply Cavalor® Star Shine not only to mane and tail, but also to the entire coat for a healthy shine. For sport horses, it is not recommended to spray Cavalor® Star Shine on the section of the coat where the saddle is placed.

Do I need to apply Star Shine daily?

No. Cavalor® Star Shine is a high quality product and the effect will last for an average of five days.

Does Cavalor® Star Shine contain silicone?

Cavalor® Star Shine contains a silicon based organic polymer. The fact that the polymer is organic implies that it is not aggressive such as the case with synthetic silicone. The polymer is not toxic and leaves a film on the mane and tail to keep it untangled. It is important to note that a product made for the mane without the use of silicon is likely not to work properly.

What is the amount of silicon in Cavalor® Star Shine?

We only have a silicon based organic polymer in Star Shine. This organic polymer is not aggressive like other silicones. This polymer is also non-toxic and it creates a film on the manes and tail to keep them distangled. Please consider that a mane/tail product without any form of silicone is less likely to be effective. Cavalor® Star Shine also contains ingredients which keep the hair in good condition.

Why is Cavalor® MudDoc so effective against Mud Fever or Greasy Heel?

Cavalor® MudDoc is effective against Greasy Heel because it contains Natural Anti Biotic (NAB), a newly developed concept that works against the specific bacteria that cause Mud Fever.

Can I use Cavalor® MudDoc on wounds?

Clipping the affected area may cause additional damage to the skin. We do not recommend applying Cavalor® MudDoc to wounded skin. The interaction of Cavalor® MudDoc with damaged skin may result in swollen legs. Cavalor® MudDoc is designed to kill bacteria associated with causing Greasy Heel.

Should I remove scabs before applying Cavalor® MudDoc?

No. Do not deliberately remove scabs. Scabs removal may cause wounds and irritation to the skin. The interaction of Cavalor® MudDoc with affected skin areas may result in swollen legs. CAUTION : To avoid hypersensitivity, it is not recommended to apply Cavalor® MudDoc within the first 24 hours after clipping.

What is the pH level in Cavalor® Equi Wash?

Cavalor® Equi Wash is a pH balanced shampoo (gentle on the skin).

What causes summer eczema?

Summer eczema is the result of an allergic reaction to the saliva of a mosquito. This mosquito is primarily active around sunrise and sunset during warmer months. Cavalor® Sw-Itch keeps this mosquito at a distance, and the itching under control.

At what frequency should I apply Cavalor® Sw-Itch?

This depends a lot on your horses’ level of itching and environment. Therefore, dosing levels may vary between horses. We recommend to start using Cavalor® Sw-Itch twice a day (morning/evening). Diminish the frequency to a level that suits your horse. Once the horse is itch-free, Cavalor® Sw-Itch may be used once a week as a preventative measure.

Is there a speciic reason why is there are no added vitamins Cavalor® Rockies?

Salt is the only mineral that will encourage a horse to take in more by itself. So it is only with a salt shortage that the horse will lick the Cavalor® Rockies ny himself. Meanwhile he also takes all other minerals in the Lick on .

Can I use Cavalor® Hygienic Wash directly on the skin without diluting it in water?

Cavalor® Hygienic Wash may be applied directly onto moldy skin and small wounds.

Can Cavalor® Hygienic Wash replace a shampoo?

No, Cavalor® Hygienic Wash does not have shine properties.

Can I use Cavalor® Hygienic Wash to disinfect my leather gear or other equipment?

Yes, Cavalor® Hygienic Wash protects and disinfects leather gear.

What is the advantage of Chlorhexidine-based desinfectants?

Contrary to other types of active disinfectants, Cavalor® Hygienic Wash will not dry the skin and can therefore be recommended for daily use.

Can I apply Cavalor® Lurax on an open wound?

Research shows that Cavalor® Lurax may help reduce pain caused by small wounds as well as stimulate healing and decrease the formation of scar tissue.

Can I apply Cavalor® Lurax for a sun burned nose?

A layer of Cavalor® Lurax applied to sensitive skin may help prevent sunburns. Cavalor® Lurax can also help alleviate sunburns.

Does Cavalor® Lurax help healing scratches?

Yes, Cavalor® Lurax helps to heal scratches.

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