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Cavalor® - Performance, Condition & Energy

All Cavalor® Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

Cavalor« - NutriPlus - 5kg pail

Cavalor® - NutriPlus - 5kg pail

ú52.00 / US$63.96
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Support - 5kg pail

Cavalor® - Support - 5kg pail

ú31.20 / US$38.38
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Pow'red Performance - 2000ml bottle

Cavalor® - Pow'red Performance - 2000ml bottle

ú52.00 / US$63.96
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Pow'red Performance - 5000ml bottle

Cavalor® - Pow'red Performance - 5000ml bottle

ú95.20 / US$117.10
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Kick Up - 1000ml bottle

Cavalor® - Kick Up - 1000ml bottle

ú67.20 / US$82.66
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - An Energy Boost - 6 tubes

Cavalor® - An Energy Boost - 6 tubes

ú57.50 / US$70.73
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - An Energy Boost - 50 tubes

Cavalor® - An Energy Boost - 50 tubes

ú404.00 / US$496.92
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - OilMega - 2000ml bottle

Cavalor® - OilMega - 2000ml bottle

ú41.60 / US$51.17
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - OilMega - 10000ml can

Cavalor® - OilMega - 10000ml can

ú130.40 / US$160.39
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Resist + Vit C - 2kg pail

Cavalor® - Resist + Vit C - 2kg pail

ú144.00 / US$177.12
(Ex VAT)
Cavalor« - Resist + Vit C - 5kg pail

Cavalor® - Resist + Vit C - 5kg pail

ú326.40 / US$401.47
(Ex VAT)

Performance, Condition & Energy - Frequently asked questions

Performance, Condition & Energy - Frequently asked questions
What is Cavalor® Pow’red Performance indicated for and how should I use it?

Cavalor® Pow’red Performance can be used during intense training and competition for a 2-3 week period. Cavalor® Pow’red Performance contains high amounts of vitamins, which makes it an ideal supplement for horses engaging in high level multi-day events. It may appear that Cavalor® Pow’red Performance contains a relatively low amount of vitamin A and D3. However, these vitamins are normally present in the complete feed ration. High amounts of Vitamin A and D3 can be toxic, by providing relatively low amounts of these vitamins, the risk for over-supplementation is reduced.

What distinguishes Cavalor® Pow’red Performance from similar products?

Along with the similar ingredients found in non-Cavalor® products, Cavalor® Pow’red Performance provides more vitamins, specially B - vitamins. Sufficient quantities of B vitamins may be necessary as the requirement of the equine athlete may exceed their ability to synthesize these vitamins. B vitamins play a key role in energy metabolism and in the protection of red blood cells.

Can Cavalor® OilMega be used to prevent colic ?

Vegetable oils can be applied for the nutritional management of horses with colic or a solid stool. Important : The type of digestive disorder ( and the location of colic ) will determine whether such a strategy is recommended or not . Always ask your veterinarian or nutritionist for advice. To prevent colic or in case of emerging colic, it is advised to us Cavalor® Emergency 911. This product works very quickly and efficiently on the digestive system and it will neutralize disturbances quickly.

When should I use Cavalor® Resist + Vit C and for how long?

The immunity of competition horses can be impaired due to various reasons (e.g. : transportation, contact with other (strange) horses, stress, molting) Cavalor® Resist + Vit C is the ideal nutritional tool to help your horse cope with environmental factors that affect its immunity.

Can Cavalor® Resist + Vit C be used only in a preventative way?

Cavalor® Resist + Vit C provides the nutritional tools for improving the immunity status of your horse. Therefore, your horse may be less susceptible to stress. Cavalor® Resist + Vit C will also help your horse to recover faster from infections diseases. Note : Cavalor® SoZen is for behaviour control, while Cavalor® Resist + Vit C helps support and improve the immunity.

When should I begin supplementing Cavalor® Resist + Vit C when preparing for transport?

We recommend starting at least 10 days before transport.

What distinguishes Cavalor® OilMega from other oils?

Vegetable oils from different sources contain more omega 3 fatty acids than omega 6 fatty acids and vice versa. Cavalor® OilMega is a mix of different vegetable oils to provide a balanced fatty acid profile. Besides this special mixture of vegetable oils, Cavalor® OilMega contains the patented ingredient NAB (Natural Antibiotics). NAB is composed of ingredients that are known for there antimicrobial activities. This will also have an effect on the level of the large intestine, by reducing the Pathagen micro organism. Horses with muscle problems may benefit from the combined along with of Muscle Fit and Cavalor® Oilmega. Manipulating the dietary fatty acid ratio may be of benefit to modulate the immunity status, the sperm quality and skin condition.

Can Cavalor® OilMega be used in dietary management of colic?

Vegetable oils can be applied in the dietary management in the (re)-feeding of horses with colic or firm stool. Important : the type of digestive disorder (and location of the colic) will determine if such strategy is advised. Always ask your veterinarian or nutritionist for advice.

Various dietary strategies for the (re)-feeding of colic horses can be found in the congress website, Vervuert and Coenen (2004) Congress proceedings. European Equine Health & Nutrition (www.

Can Cavalor® Oilmega replace other Cavalor® products for example Cavalor® Resist + Vit C or Cavalor® Muscle Fit?

No, these are different products that act on different levels. Cavalor® OilMega provides energy and influences the fatty acid composition of the immunity status of the animal. The NAB in Cavalor® OilMega may help the microflora to fight against pathogens. Cavalor® Resist + Vit C

provides those nutrients that are necessary to improve the antioxidant and immunity status to help the horse in protecting itself from environmental influences that may impair the horses health (i.e. horses that will be subjected to transport or various environments). Cavalor® Muscle Fit is designed to provide nutrients that support muscle health and provide dietary tools to prevent fatigue. Horses with muscle issues may benefit from the combined supplementation of Cavalor® Muscle Fit and Cavalor® OilMega.

Will my horse put on more weight due to the addition of fat to its daily ration?

When Cavalor® WholeGain is used according to directions, the amount of energy administered of the total ration will remainsimilar. However, the energy is now supplied in a more condensed form. Further, the type of energy provided by Cavalor® WholeGain may be beneficial for horses that perform long-duration-low-intensity exercises (endurance). It may also favor the horse’s thermoregulation. The rice bran in the formula may contribute to a weight gain.

Will my horse’s stress increase with this kind of energy?

No. This product has repeatedly proven to be very effective for dressage horses. It provides the energy without temper increases.

In general, the high energy density of fat may, under certain circumstances, be beneficial as less bulky feed is required to the horse with its energy. It has also been indirectly observed that some horses may experience some behaviour changes (less excitable). If behavioral changes are observed, an increased energy diet may be considered to help reduce the risk of the horse becoming too hot (e.g. thoroughbred horses).

Can I use Cavalor® Nutri Plus with non Cavalor® feed?

Cavalor® Nutri Plus is specially developed to balance the undesired mineral ratios in cereal based feed or rations with a high amount of cereal by-products. We recommend to using Cavalor® Pow’red Performance as a mineral/ vitamin supplement on top of your complete feed.

What causes the red color of Cavalor® Support pellet?

The red color of Cavalor® Support pellets is caused by the iron source present in the formula.

What is the beneit of using Cavalor® An Energy Boost during shows?

With Cavalor® An Energy Boost you provide your horse with an extra dose/boost of highly accessible nutrients that are important during competition or very intensive training. The packaging is specially designed to be used during competition.

Can I use Cavalor® An Energy Boost instead of a vitamin supplement during competition?

Cavalor® An Energy Boost is designed to provide an instant boost of nutrients (energy) before entering the competition arena. If your horse needs extra vitamins and minerals during high level multiple-day-event, Cavalor® Pow’red Performance may be given. To supply of extra vitamins and minerals during off-competition periods, Cavalor® Nutri Plus should be used.

For which horses should Cavalor® Kick Up be used for?

Cavalor® Kick Up is specially designed for horses with lower blood pressure and less excitable horses.

How does Cavalor® Kick up work?

Cavalor® Kick Up influences the metabolism such that it will improve alertness and performance. Result may be noticeable within 1-2 days.

Can I replace Cavalor® Kick Up by Cavalor® An Energy Boost?

Cavalor® An Energy Boost and Cavalor® Kick Up have a different formulations. Therefore, one cannot be replaced by the effects! We recommend combining the two products to obtain an additional effect.


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